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As a self professed Contrarian, Skarlet shocks and shakes you out of what you perceive to be true to instead step into the radically exciting potential of each moment to experience and create from its true and miraculous wonder.


Trailblazing polarising visionaries across the ages have been just as likely to be called crazy as genius or brilliant. Yet they have had the foresight to see beyond the illusion of limit into the astonishing and unexpected, to see and seize hidden opportunities that open up when moving beyond perceived reality and living into the laughter of 'The Game of Life'.


'You are a genius Contrarian, you just have to remember.'

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An adventure junkie, Skarlet has traversed some of the most remote and obscure places on earth to uncover and decode ancient mythologies, ciphers and codes hidden in the landscapes, only to unearth the strangest phenomenon of all. That the land itself is alive with mysterious intrinsic magik that acts as a mirror to the world we see and experience within us.


From Transylvania, the Arctic and ancient Albion, through archaic landscapes, to remote unchartered territory across the globe, Skarlet leads you on a powerful journey within and without.


'Transform your life into pure synchronistic magik by walking the story you choose into being through the footsteps you quite literally tread.'


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Skarlet will take you deep into the world of magik, uniting contrarian and alchemist with magician, to re-member and unlock your own inherent potent magik. To make the ordinary extraordinary, and fiction become fact in your hands.


Recent developments in areas of quantum science, combining ancient mysticism with scientific revelation, have revolutionised our understanding of the human to potentialise extraordinary magik. What once may have seemed a crazy notion, the idea that you can create and observe the life you truly choose into being, is now a tangible palpable fact.


‘You are the event horizon through which all life is born.’


"Have you ever suspected that the paranormal is actually normal and magik, far from being simply the province of fairytales, is actually real?

Have you ever experienced things that you just can’t explain with logic and yet you know them to be true?

Have you ever marvelled at strange synchronicity, things you have made happen, without understanding how, that have shocked you?

Have you ever wondered if humans are far more magikal than we have been led to believe?

If yes, then let me take you on an adventure, a thought-provoking cryptic journey that will unlock incredible magik in your life. One from which you will never look back,"


Skarlet Lu Realta

Through her academy of magik, expeditions, speaking, mentoring and writing, Skarlet leads you deep into the world of The Magik Maker. The place where Contrarian, Alchemist and Magician unite to create the MagikMaker and unleash the extraordinary power of your innate mind-blowing Magik to bring story to life in your hands. To quite literally engender reality into being.