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Founded and run by Skarlet, Skolomanche Academy of Magik is a thriving online global university community of  Magik Makers. We open our students to an entirely new series of possibilities for potent reality creation. Study within Skolomanche is an invitation to enter a living system of magik and embark through many new gateways of practical, immersive learning to utterly transform your life. To transcend what you thought was possible and return home to your innate magik where the paranormal becomes your normal, fiction becomes fact and the impossible becomes possible in your hands. To become someone you may never have previously thought possible. Three year-long programmes take students on a journey to unite the contrarian, alchemist and magician within to unleash extraordinary magik.

Bust out of your matrix, come home to your own innate magik, and use it to create the story you truly choose into being.


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Internationally acclaimed author S L Realta writes her unique books to open people to the wonder of magik. Her profound, thought-provoking novels catapult readers into thrilling, spell-binding adventures where the paranormal becomes normal and fiction becomes fact.MPublished across the globe under different pen-names, S L Realta has appeared on television, film, news and radio, addressing audiences from Australia to Antarctica. She mentors people all around the world and has established a real University of Magik, born within the pages of her books. 

An adventure junkie, Skarlet loves to explore the mythology and landscapes of the many remote and unusual places that become the backdrop to her stories. From the earliest age, she believed the world to be magik yet, like many of us, she shut that away when she was told that magik only existed in fairy tales. For 16 years, she threw herself into a highly successful career in International finance until, one snow-bound December day in Edinburgh Castle, that all changed. A series of extraordinary events saw her leave her old life behind as writing became her passion and she followed a new path to explore the remarkable generative magik of story. Previously writing adult fiction, Realta is now writing her first Young Adult book series. This series ‘came’ to her in its entirety just hours after the sudden passing of her beloved mother in 2021 and is, what she believes to be, her greatest work: her Magnum Opus.


Your words are powerful spells that conjure the story you are choosing into reality.


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From Transylvania, the Arctic and ancient Albion, through archaic landscapes, to wild and crazy journeys to remote unchartered territory across the globe, Skarlet's expeditions lead you through both an inner and outer terrain. The result: to transform your life into pure synchronistic magik where the story you choose to live is brought to life through the footsteps you quite literally tread. An adventure junkie, Skarlet has traversed some of the most remote and obscure places on earth to uncover and decode ancient mythologies, ciphers and codes hidden in the landscapes only to unearth the strangest phenomenon of all. That the land itself is alive with mysterious intrinsic magik and acts as a walking, talking alchemical mirror to the world we see and experience within us.

These expeditions are open to students of Skolomanche Academy of Magik


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Skarlet mentors inspirational business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovative free thinking individuals across the globe to bring their vision to life; to fully realise their legacy. Your life is your legacy and any business you create is a doorway into that legacy. What do you stand for? To bring success to your life and business, to actualise your legacy and vision, you must first unearth the true inspiration that drives you and wield its inherent magik for potent results.

Her highly successful 16-year career in international finance, working with some of the most successful blue-chip, international trading houses and the foremost global financial software systems suppliers, allows her to bring her clients a very grounded, practical understanding of entrepreneurial business combined with powerful magik. She believes that to achieve true success, you must first recognise that what you most fear is not what you can’t do, but actually what you can achieve!

Your life is a magik formula. When you figure it out, remarkable things begin to happen.



Skarlet takes you down the rabbit hole of how reality is constructed to show you just how powerfully you can liberate your mind from your perceived reality  home to its innate potent magik state. To understand how to re-engage with the miraculous wonder of the enigmatic magik of life and master it in a very practical way to bring the story you choose to live to life! She has appeared on television, film, radio and many online news agencies across the globe. A keynote speaker, she has addressed audiences, large and exclusive, on both land and sea throughout Australia, India, Europe, the Arctic and Antarctica. Her innovative, fun, profoundly thought-provoking style, engages audiences of all sizes with interactive experience, as she challenges people to step outside of their comfort zone and fully into what she likes to call their 'Magik Zone'.

Are you ready to enter your Magik Zone?

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