Are you ready to claim back the ancient power of ritual and ceremony
To unlock a quantum leap in your own innate magik

Saturday March 21st 2020


Join us for this unique full one-day experiential workshop and get ready to catapult your life into the realm of Real Entrepreneurial Magik.  Are you ready to claim back the ancient power of ritual and ceremony and bring it into the futuristic knowing you already hold in your hands right now? To unleash your own innate magik through ceremonial rites and wield it to craft and command the life you truly choose? 

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The pioneers of old were incredible alkemists who actively harnessed and wielded the power of ritual and ceremony to reach and achieve the seemingly impossible. In today’s disruptive technological age, the age of the ‘digital consumer’ rather than the ‘elemental intuitive creator’ their intuitive knowing is mostly long lost.

Yet what if you could blend the knowledge of the ancients with the  innovative knowledge of today to unleash your own innate magik through ceremonial rites and wield it to craft and command the life you truly choose? 

In this one day workshop, We will begin to open up your magikal powers using magik ceremony, rituals and tools to tap into your own innate psychic and magikal abilities. To blend the ancient past with the future to take a quantum leap into unleashing your real entrepreneurial magik.



Older than time, ritual magik has woven its innate power into the fabric of everything that you see and experience. It is at the heart of 'conjuring' time itself. Yet for the large part goes unnoticed in the disruptive technological age of today. Long-lost is the knowing of the ancients where the full power of the elements was garnered within ceremony and ritual to invoke extraordinary magik results. This is what we begin to harness together in a day of practical re-membering of how to wield ritual and ceremony for targeted magik. How to build this into the fabric of our every day life so that magik becomes your 'norm'.

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So, what happens when we are able to re-engage the ancient practice of ritual and ceremony within todays disruptive world of exponential speed and evolution? To blend the ancient with the future?

We unlock and unleash Pure Quantum Entrepreneurial Magik to bring your choices to life in your hands

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Who, What, Where & When


The Speaker:
Internationally acclaimed Contrarian, Quantum Alkemist, Adventurer, Founder and Chancellor of Skolomanche University, Skarlet Lu Realta.

Skarlet will be joined by Indianah Lou Lazuli, one of the Skolomanche University Professor Team and one of the Haelan Therapy pioneering team.


The Venue: Kite at the Red Hart, 28-29 Bucklersbury, Hitchin SG5 1BG


The Date: Saturday March 21st 2020 


The Time: 9.30am - 5pm. 

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Join Skarlet for this full one-day interactive workshop in which Skarlet will guide you through a powerful series of alkemical steps to begin to unlock your own innate ritual magik. During this workshop we will 


  • Blend the ancient ritual knowledge of the past with the innovative ritual knowledge of the future for a quantum leap in targeted magik.
  • Learn, engage and wield ceremonial rites for magik purpose
  • Harness the ancient alkemist's 'theurgy' to invoke the full power of the elements in ritualistic practise to assist us with our magik
  • Spellcast through invocation, mantra and the power of word to craft/call what you are choosing into being
  • Experience a transformational experiential ceremonial journey to lock in your magik.

 You are already a prolific alkemist, creator of all you experience, and all you have to do is re-member in order to unlock your magik.

This event will be co-facilitated by Indianah, one of the Skolomanche University Professors. 


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MHJ6AJ Edinburgh   April 30 2018;  Beltane Fire Festival takes place on Calton Hill to ushers in summer with a display of fire, theatre, drumming, body paint


You are an entrepreneur, a visionary, a business leader looking for that secret magik edge 


You are looking to build a powerful magik daily practise to support you to create the life you choose
You are ready to take your life, world and vision to a whole new level. To create a powerful legacy of pure magik
You have always somehow known that reality is not at all what you have been led to believe. That magik is infact real and you are looking for a way to make it a tangible palpable force in your life

"People of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things,"

Leonardo Da Vinci


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You have seen the way your life could be, have worked hard to bring about those changes in your life to reflect what you are passionate to achieve, have expended time, money, love and sheer determination to reach your goals and yet these attributes are just not enough. Still your goals elude you. Why?

You need a new extraordinary way of being, one innate to you that you just forgot. 

Join Skarlet Lu Realta, contrarian, alkemist, adventurer, founder and chancellor of Skolomanche University for this transformational ritual magik workshop that will give you a tangible magik practice that you can apply, just as other individuals like you across the globe have used to shift their way of being and step ‘back home’ into a whole new realm of entrepreneurial quantum magik to realise incredible transformations and achievements throughout their life.

You are already an Alkemist of quantum proportion. You were born with real tangible amazing Magik: magik underpinned by proven scientific fact! You simply have to Re-member.


Contrarian, Alchemist, Adventurer, Skarlet is the founder and chancellor of Skolomanche University, expeditioner, mentor, internationally acclaimed author and keynote speaker

She teaches, mentors, speaks, expeditions and writes for a singular purpose: to make magik a palpable real quantum force in people’s lives. To make the paranormal, normal and fantasy tangible fact in your hands.

She does so by busting you out of your illusional matrix of reality, leading you home to your real quantum magik to re-member how to wield it to create the life and world you truly choose.

She has appeared on television, film, global news agencies and radio across the globe, addressing audiences on land and sea from Australia to Antarctica in some of the most remote parts of the world.  An adventure junkie, she continues to explore many remote and unusual places that become the backdrop to the storyworlds of all she writes. Her own experience has led her to understand the extraordinary generative nature of words: story creates reality as the words we speak and write become real.



There are limited places available so secure your place now.

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"Working with Skarlet has been like having a secret magikal weapon to tangibly grow my business," Osmaan Shariff, Business owner and Performance Coach.


"Working with Skarlet, Studying the Alkemy Graduate programme, my life has absolutely 180'd. I love the way that Skarlet delivers not just theoretical but practical, understandable step by step tools to embody and live magik. As a result, I have had some huge and amazing results across all areas of my life," Leah Ritz, Senior Manager and Business Owner.

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“Working with Skarlet has opened me up to be the creator of my own destiny.  I have fully realised a pioneering ability that I was too fearful to acknowledge until now.  This new way of being is taking both my business and my personal life to a level I didn’t even believe was possible.”  Rebecca Louise Kelly, Business Owner and Pioneering Transformation Coach.


"Transformational! Working with Skarlet has allowed me to find the hidden powers and gifts inside me that have undoubtedly sent me on a trajectory to living into my highest calling. Skarlet combines what mystics have known for thousands of years with quantum mechanics, which I have found fascinating and practical in applying to my life. As an entrepreneur, working with Skarlet has been amazing!" Monty Hooke, Pioneer and CEO The Exponential

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"Skarlet's way of unfolding your inner magik, of helping you be truly who you are, in your real power, and discovering exactly what you are capable of achieving is just phenomenal. I have never experienced this with anyone else," Michelle Clarke, Chief Partnerships Officer, GeniusU 

"Skarlet is a master of magik and so are you! Lots of things have changed in my life after the amazing Alkemy Graduate  Programme. My confidence, the way I look at the world and have been able to remold my whole life to the way I want it after journeying home to my true self," Romeo Silva, Filmmaker and Entrepreneurial Nomad

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